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Airport Logistics

AeroVect is an air logistics automation company. We develop autonomous GSE technology and ground handling management software for efficient, safe, and reliable airside operations.

Conventional, manually operated baggage and cargo tow tractors have stayed the same for decades, prone to labor turnover, irregular operations, ground damage, and inefficient equipment utilization.

AeroVect addresses these problems with autonomous cargo handling systems built specifically for airports. We bring the tech to make your baggage and cargo operations more cost-effective, more efficient, and safer.

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Airport-First Autonomy

Autonomous Driving System (ADS) and coordination platform built specifically for the airport, optimized for airside operations

Advanced Sensors

LiDARs, cameras, radars, and GPS-RTK built for reliable dispatch and navigation in complex airside environments

Safety first

Engineered to ISO26262 and IATA AHM standards, detecting Airside Vehicles, Tarmac Markings, and Ramp Personnel


Degree Awareness


Robust Sensors


LiDAR Points Per Second


Navigation Cameras

Fleet Management
& Telemetry

Managing ground operations and coordinating GSE shouldn't be a pain. Our AI-driven platform takes the guesswork out of GSE tracking, telemetry, and safety reporting.

Never wait for GSE again. Ensure on-time departures and reliable turnarounds with AeroVect AirFleet, available standalone or with automatic GSE dispatch when integrated with our autonomous vehicle deployments.


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