Transform on-time performance workforce reliability operational safety

Aviation-first, platform-agnostic driverless technology for GSE.


Airport Logistics

AeroVect deploys driverless systems for airport ground vehicles (GSE), working with IATA and major aviation stakeholders around the world.

Made in Silicon Valley from research at Harvard, MIT, and Stanford, our technology works seamlessly with existing vehicles from leading manufacturers.

Drawing from decades of combined expertise in aviation and autonomous vehicles, we take a pragmatic approach to turn labor disruption, irregular operations, and ground damage into artifacts of the past.

Integrate our aviation-first AI driver and proven road-tested hardware to unlock driverless operations with your current fleets.


  • ‣ Overcome labor shortage & turnover

  • ‣ Prevent ground damage

  • ‣ Outclass competition with superior OTP

Aviation First Approach

Airside Optimized

Our autonomous driving system is built specifically for airport environments, capable of recognizing vehicles and markings unique to the airside.

Extensible & Reliable

Future-proof your operations with our modular driving system, delivering aviation-grade safety & decision-making transparency, all backed by 24/7 support for operational continuity.

Platform Agnostic

Bring back operational certainty by converting existing cargo and baggage tow tractors across vehicle platforms for driverless operations today.

Remarkable and eyeopening technology during a critical time of change in our industry.

Director, Airport Operations
Major Global Airline

Immediate ROI

Streamline GSE driving costs from Day One, with machine-level precision and reliable, retained driving experience.

Prevent Ground Damage

By using AeroVect driverless at hubs, a major airline saves millions each year in direct and consequential costs of ground damage.

Outclass Competitor OTP

Boost on-time performance, automating inefficient GSE dispatch and driving processes responsible for 46% of airline delays.

Faster Turnarounds
without Sacrificing Safety

Our integrated fleet management & dispatch automation guarantees turnaround OTP in tough IRROPs, driving down delays and consequential costs.

Take the guesswork out of GSE tracking, telemetry and safety reporting, integrated as part of AeroVect’s complete airside automation solution.

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