Making air logistics safe reliable efficient

Industry-leading, airport-first approach to airside autonomy.


Airport Logistics

AeroVect develops autonomous driving platforms for GSE, enabling efficient, safe, and reliable airside operations at some of the largest passenger and cargo hubs in the world.

Drawing from decades of combined expertise in aviation and autonomous vehicles, we take a pragmatic approach to turn labor disruption, irregular operations, and ground damage into artifacts of the past.


Aviation First Approach

Airside Optimized

Our autonomous driving system is built specifically for airport environments, capable of recognizing vehicles and markings unique to the airside.

Safety First

We take a modular approach to autonomous driving, enabling superior decision-making transparency and operational reliability.

Platform Agnostic

Compatible with vehicle platforms from multiple manufacturers, our autonomy system provides equipment operators with unmatched flexibility.

Fleet Management
& Telemetry

Managing ground operations and coordinating GSE shouldn't be a pain. Our AI-driven platform takes the guesswork out of GSE tracking, telemetry, and safety reporting.

Never wait for GSE again. Ensure on-time departures and reliable turnarounds with AeroVect AirFleet, available standalone or with automatic GSE dispatch when integrated with our autonomous vehicle deployments.



Degree Awareness


Robust Sensors


LiDAR Points Per Second


Redundant Systems